Billions of Images

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Lyrics evoke memories, reflection, and images. When you hear a line, you think “of that time,” feel a particular way, or a picture forms in your mind. Music and memory are linked in our brain; music helps us recall things and can help surface buried memories.

Music’s connection to memory combined with the imagery embedded in lyrics makes listening often a visual experience, at least in your mind’s eye. Though every song seems to have a video made, forming its official visual presence, we still end up making up our own. Everyone has their own mental music video that rolls when a favorite song comes on.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s single, Billions of Eyes, from the

newly released album After, is beautifully poetic, both evoking rich images as well as shared experiences. From picturing a fluffy ball of sheared lamb when hearing “the clouds look a lot like wool gone through the wash,” to remembering the sigh of relief when you sink into your seat on the train:

The kind of high I like is when I barely make the train
And the people with a seat smile big at me because they know the feeling
And for a millisecond we share a look like a family does
Like we have inside jokes


The video for Billions of Eyes is a series of images seemingly unrelated to the song lyrics superimposed karaoke-style over them.

We assembled our own “crowd-sourced” collection of images to accompany the song, inspired by the idea of understanding personal images and memories evoked by songs as well as the style of the video.

To do so, each line of the song was entered into a Google image search, yielding billions of images for each line, most having little direct relation at all. This formed our proxy for what each line could’ve evoked in others, mirroring the diversity that might be present, if not the content. From there, we picked the images that resonated with us, mixed them up, forming our own portrait of the song.