...that keeps you grounded

Love is Just Something

...that keeps you grounded

Just like a new romance, pausing dramatically to celebrate each milestone, today seesearch celebrates its first full month. Yeah, there was July, but we were only texting and stuff then, so we weren’t really together. August was for real. I think I’m in love.

A new couple, this month has been about testing the waters, seeing what works, what I like and what makes you happy. In the next months we will grow together. I think we’re ready. There’s nothing more beautiful than love. As seesearch is a project dedicated to the search for beauty around us, I’m sharing with you a perfect portrait of love and a simple love poem.

Today, celebrate something lasting by looking through your love portraits and sending someone a few simple words describing your love. Pictured is my little brother, just off to college, and his girlfriend, celebrating their first year together. I’m pretty sure they are best friends. My brother says that love is “just something that keeps you grounded and makes you feel complete as a person.” Love is an action and is present in all right actions, present in your creating, striving, serving, as well as your loving. When you live right, you love, and this is how you feel. Kids these days: they’ve got it all figured out.


Just Something

I don’t think you can measure impact with a ruler,
Kind of like gauging emotion with a scale.

Sometimes you have to close your eyes to feel.
Sometimes you have to listen to see.
Sometimes you only get one taste, one glance, one chance.

That thing I remember feeling was real,
If only fingers on a pulse, fingers running down a vein.
Slight pressure that read the rate, the flow.