No need to take off your shoes.

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No need to take off your shoes.

Roger Vivier invented the stiletto. While the pointy heel was around prior, the addition of the metal within the heel allowed us to prance to new heights. He also designed other iconic shoe shapes, such as the comma heel and the pilgrim buckle.

Take a moment and contemplate your first pair of stilettos and then either praise or curse the artistic vision of Vivier.

My first pair of stilettos was a pair of spring green Manolos detailed with tiny leather leaves with leather laces that criss-crossed up the leg.

The first night I wore them, I stepped in a crack on the patio and stripped the leather right off the heel, exposing Vivier’s steel. Tears. Eff you Vivier. Vivier’s vision lives on, not just through through wearers of stilettos and Creative Director Bruno Frisoni, but through the brand’s new website, launched in July 2014.

The site is quirky and engaging – just like Vivier’s designs – and full of content and inspiration, not just shoes and bags. The layout is inspired by Vivier’s own house (you scroll through each floor) and looks like a cross between his off-photographed beautiful modern abode and a Barbie dream house. In short, amazing. In fact, it looks a bit like the office of Inès de la Fressange, brand ambassador.

His famous designs, in illustrated form, are strewn about the house and you are invited to wander about like one of his glamorous house guests. The site has a number of adorable features – beyond the online shop’s pink patent pilgrim pumps – such as shoes hung by balloons you can pop, swinging legs wearing comma heels, an art gallery of Vivier’s looks, and video diaries by Inès. Be sure to check out the delightful videos created by Story Box Press and Deralf. While you may not get to ride into Vivier’s apartment on a white horse, like Baroness Von Thyssen, clicking through the dream house site provides a little bit of whimsy from your own house.