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Wipe That Self Off Your Face

The face of the city: a façade is the exterior element of a building, often ornamental, that defines its aesthetic character. The importance of the façade increases with density. In an urban setting, often the façade of the building is all...
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The Cult of the Machine

Italian Futurism, Fascism, post-war, post-war expats, metalworks, earthworks, workers – Industrial Italy Inspiration in fashion, literature, art, and travel. Guided by the Manifesto words of the founder of the Futurist movement, Filippo Tommaso...
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Red Bricktown Won’t Fall Down

Bricks are what rioters use to smash windows, what they throw at their aggressors, who are most often armed with more than clay. Bricks are also what I think of when I picture my hometown, St. Louis. Not for the recent riots taking place just...
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