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Brush it Off

Brush your teeth, brush your hair, brush it off… Brush your skin? Yup. Every morning, before coffee. I promise, you’ll become addicted. Dry skin brushing is practiced in Ayurvedic healing as well as Japanese, Korean, American Indian, and...
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Lana’s Noir

Lana’s voice has a warbley 40s jazz lounge feel, smoke and silk pants, with contemporary slutshame-crushing lyrics. The album makes you feel something, something slinky and dark and strong. Go tie up your boyfriend. Don’t walk down dark...
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SoCal Sweden

Salsa and lingonberries, same thing, right? Elin Kling’s new line, Totême – recently released in the U.S. – was described in the WSJ. article where I first saw the line as “European preppy.” If what they meant was precise but unfussy tailoring…

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