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Billions of Images

Lyrics evoke memories, reflection, and images. When you hear a line, you think “of that time,” feel a particular way, or a picture forms in your mind. Music and memory are linked in our brain; music helps us recall things and can help surface...
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All Those Wasted Hours

Remember high school? The now-outdated hair styles, crispy 90s bangs or garish Y2K highlights, strolling through the hallways, flanked by boys in pleated khakis. The ring of the bell and slam of lockers. That constant confusion that seemed to hang...
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Sacrificial Salt

Oysters purify the sea, filtering gallons and gallons or water through their small, slinky, sacrificial systems. When oysters are full of toxins, it’s because they have filtered these poisons out of the water, purifying the oceanby absorbing...
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