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Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain, the theme of the first edition of seesearch, is inspired by the classic scene in the Wizard of Oz, where in the midst of the Wizard’s imposing, booming voice, Toto sneaks away from the group, pulls back the curtain, and...
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This Is Not Your Life

Let’s rearrange the messiness of our lives to be like a set: color-coded and choreographed, staging our mistakes to music and tragedies with deliberate visual design. We will always have soft light and enter on queue from stage right. Our daily...
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Fuller Skirts

In 2002, my favorite skirt was a Vivienne Westwood dove grey accordion-pleated skirt scored at a resale shop. I wore it with my own cut T-shirt creations and sometimes with white little boy’s Hanes sleeveless undershirts. Exactly 110 years...
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